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About Us

Syn Water, a syndicate of specialist professionals from water treatment industrydedicatedly operating with the highest level of ideas and reliability is the foundation for the way Syn Water Technologies PvtLtd does business everywhere, every day. Syn Water team members know they are part of something bigger than their job alone. Every day they serve the clients / industries who keep process & production non-stop running and we become the major associate to achieve their industrial target. Syn Water team members are always motivated to bring their whole self – including their own ideas, experiences and differences – to work every day, and the company is dedicated to ensuring team member’s safety and well being in return.

While the product, services and solutions we offer are imperative and key factors; it is the satisfied buyers and the dedicated Syn of people inside our company that make the difference and transformation to become a trustworthy Industrial Water Treatment Company in India. Exclusively the team is formed with experts from Chemicals, Technical, Service and Marketing backgrounds. Jointly this multi-disciplined team has delivered potent and noticeable paybacks that have guided clients to achieve their objectives and empowered us to cultivate long lasting and dependable relationships with them.

We Make Eligible Water for Man, Machine & Environment

Our water and waste water Solutions business provide & deal a wide range of products, services & solutions for various applications in large, medium, small industrial sectors, municipal corporations, community and society etc. Our range of offerings for water and waste water treatment includesspecialty chemicals, technical services, total water quality management from source to process to disposal aw well as development of pre-treatment plants, its improvement and operation. We offer competent, cost-effective total water quality management solutions from pre-treatment to waste water treatment and recycle for all industries for the activities, viz; pre-treatment, treatment for process applications, treatment for drinking water systems, effluent treatment & recycling, sewage treatment & recycling, zero liquid discharge system, industrial cleaning, technical services, maintenance and operational assistance for pre and post water treatment & management.

Team Members

Mr. Pradip Kumar

Head of Management, Administration and Development.

Total Experience: 32 years

Mr. Riyaz Khan

Head of Sales and Marketing

Total Experience: 18 years.

Mr. Manoj Sharma

Head of Technical Development, R&D, Production & Finance.

Total Experience: 18 years.

Mr. Ratan Lal

Head of Technical Service, water chemistry, Formulation.

Total Experience:16 years.

Mr. R.K.Kohli

Expert Consultant in Water Treatment & Facility Management.

Total Experience: 36 years

Mr. Kameshwar Upadhyay

Expert in water chemistry in Power Plants.

Total Experience: 32 years

Syn Water MD