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Syn Water Technologies is the premier manufacturer of cooling water treatment chemicals in India and has developed a wide range of chemicals for the controlling of scale, corrosion and bio-fouling in critical and various heat transfer systems and advanced polymers for wastewater treatment. Syn Water product code line leads as SYN, the wide varieties contributes a lot to enhance water quality viz; controls calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium silicate and iron deposits in Cooling Water & Boiler Water applications, allowing our customers to increase their cycles of concentration, generate substantial cost savings, and increase system performance. Additional products includecorrosion and scale inhibitors, formulated amines, bio-dispersants, anti-fouling agent, oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides, corrosion inhibitors, reverse osmosis membrane cleaning products, oil and grease removal programs, water softeners, odor neutralizers, Catalyzed Sodium Sulphite, de-foaming compound, raw water treatment products, ETP & STP chemicals, products for coagulation, flocculation, clarification, and sludge dewatering etc.Aneffective cooling water treatment must tacklepreliminary conditioning, scale, fouling and corrosion control. Synwater cooling water treatments can be applied to effectively any cooling system with any type of makeup water. Appropriateuse of water chemistry for a given system, Syn cooling water treatment chemicalsoffer clean heat transfer surfaces that are free of corrosion and scale, and function at highestproductivity. Designing & formulating for regulating of scale and corrosion for a different range of makeup water chemistries are available on demand. Proper control of scale and corrosion require a well-adjustedadvance method based on a vigilantevaluation of water quality and operating conditions.

Synwater’s wide-ranging of high-quality performance cooling water treatment chemicals have been systematically designed and formulated to providesubstantialfunctioning benefits and performance enhancements to cooling towers, and open and closed cooling systems that use water as a main & primarycoolant.

Synwater, the cooling water treatment company has wide range of formulated cooling water treatment chemicals comprises greatly efficient bio-dispersants, corrosion inhibitors for any kind of water such as DM, RO , Tube well, High TDS etc. and advanced multi-performing scale and corrosion inhibitor formulations. Synwater, the cooling water treatment chemicals manufacturer also provides an extensive range of high quality oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides for algae and biological growth control activities in cooling towers surface and other cooling systems.

Synwater ,the cooling water chemicals manufacturer provides the significant guidance that can have a significant effect on the value produced by any facility or heat exchange equipment as it is energy intensive processes Optimizing cooling water treatment chemical programs to reduce and control corrosion, deposition, and microbial fouling can improve energy transfer through-out the cooling system, thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire process. Energy, water, and discharge costs have a direct impact on the bottom line of any production facility or large building. Optimizing cooling system operation can add value to the process. Here are some of the key aspects to this value contribution: To assess the cooling water treatment chemicals and its operating costs –Enhancing all features of the treatment program and system operating conditions to the optimum stress level will minimize costs of cooling system operation. The minimum total cost provides maximum recirculation water, low energy usage, treatment, and maintenance costs thereafter for any cooling system. Product quality – Cooling system temperatures that are too hot can have a negative effect on product quality.

Very poor cooling water chemical quality may forceto revise to meet product specifications or may have to be arguably cancelled. Maintainingoptimal conditions moderates thisimpact and improves value to the product.Production efficiency – Contaminating or fouling ofheat exchangers can decrease productioncompetency, thereby dropping the totalperformance of the product that is produced.Corrosion can be a reason for loss of productfrom leaks in the system or infectivityof a product. Lost product directlyeffects production performance. In unadornedinstances, deposition, corrosion ormicrobial fouling can cause systemshut down. A processunwanted shutdownconsequential from a fouled or contaminated heatexchanger causes production loss inaddition to the costs of descaling or repair. Occasionally, a shutdown because ofwater-related failures can hindrance the function of anentire plant. Finally, in maximumoccasions, protection, effectiveness, and trustworthiness are intimatelylinked.